Thursday, November 8, 2012

Red & Black Scoodie (tutorial)

I decided I wanted a hooded scarf one day so I went about searching for patterns on the internet. I found a few that I liked, but there was always something about one of them that wasn't pleasing, so I gathered a few ideas here and there and put together something of my own. The following is just generic directions of how I did it. Feel free to use these ideas and make up your own. I'll try to be precise when I can.  :)

Color A: Black fleck
Color B: Cherry
(I don't remember the brand exactly, but I only had one skein of each)

Foundation: with color A, chain 180 (or length of your choice)

Row 1: ch 2, turn, hdc every stitch across

Row 2: repeat row 1

Row 3: switch to color B, hdc every stitch across

Row 4-9: hdc every stitch across, with a turning ch 2 at each end

Row 10: switch back to color A, hdc every stitch across

Row 11: hdc every stitch across, tie off

You can now stop here and just have a two-colored scarf, or continue on to make the hood (made separately then stitched together):

Foundation: with color B, chain 50-60 (depends on how large you want the hood; I started with 58 chains, measuring it over my head as the hood would sit); and make sure this is an even number, then add 2 for your turning chain

Row 1-16: hdc every stitch across, with a turning chain 2 at every end

Row 17-18: hdc two rows with color A

Row 19-21: hdc with color B

Row 22-25: hdc with color A

(note: you don't have to switch colors the same times I did, I only did so because I was running out of the cherry color)

Now that you have your two separate pieces it's time to sew them together. First, take the hood piece and fold it in half so your base chain is together. I used a whip stitch and folded in the top so there wouldn't be a corner poking out.

Once that is done, find the center stitch of your scarf. (I used pieces of thread for stitch markers and also counted out how far the hood would go before sewing it together to make sure it was centered. In the end it was off by a few stitches, but when it's on it's not noticeable.) Anyways.. Once you have your hood in place, just whip stitch it to the scarf. I did two passes to make sure that it was secure.  Also keep in mind the inside and outside of your scarf so that any knots or not-as-pretty stitches are on the inside.

For the final step, with color A, start at the end of the scarf (on the edge that the hood is attached to) and do a single crochet along the edge, and when you get to the hood, ch 1, then single crochet along the outside edge of the hood, down the other side, ch 1 when you reach the scarf again, then single crochet to the end of the scarf. Tie off and weave in all loose ends.

There you have it! I like the way the rows go in different directions, which is different than some of the other patterns. Another thought I had after I had it put together is starting with a shorter foundation chain for the hood, then increasing the first few rows. This would eliminate the need to sew in the top corner and I think it would round out the back of the hood more. At least in my mind that's how it would work, but who knows, haha.

If you have any questions please let me know. And don't hesitate to leave a comment and let me know what you think or if you tried it. I would love to hear your feedback!

As always, happy crocheting!!   :)

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  1. this one is cute! i bet a fuzzy one would be awesome.. (hint hint!) :P