Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tunisian stitch scarf

So I found a tutorial for the tunisian stitch, which I've been seeing around recently and I thought it would be great to give it a try. Usually you would just make a bunch of different colored squares and then join them together to make a blanket. Well, I had this multicolored yarn from Red Hook (called Woodsie), and I didn't know what else to do with it. After a few trial squares I decided to just keep going with one and make a scarf with it. This one was 17 chains wide. I don't have a tunisian crochet hook, so that's as many as I could fit onto my regular hook. The ends still curl, so I might add some brown fringe to it (I used the whole skein on the scarf). I think it's about 7 feet long too. But I love the pattern in this.

I made the pic somewhat large so you could see the pattern, but all of a sudden when I send pics to here from my phone, they don't come out as clear anymore. Bummer.

But anyways, you can find the totally awesome and easy to follow tutorial here, and she also has posts on other variations of the stitch. The cross stitch version is also fun to try.

Happy Crocheting!  :)

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